Vandals destroy computers, sound equipment at protest site

Opposition leaders claim that vandals attacked, stole and destroyed computers and sound equipment at the main anti-government protest site in front of Parliament late Saturday night.

Read more from GIPA students Sopo Ebralidze and Lika Kasradze’s report, at:


One response to “Vandals destroy computers, sound equipment at protest site

  1. Larry Kamerman

    I wanted to bring your attention to a new documentary, At the Top of My Voice ( that I believe is essential viewing for anyone wanting to understand the current situation in Georgia.

    Set against the backdrop of the 2007 crackdown on democracy in Georgia, the film follows activists Anna Dolidze and Irakli Kakabadze as they return to their native country to shine a light on the violence and corruption of President Saakashvili’s regime and take part in monitoring his controversial reelection. Irakli Kakabadze is a novelist, poet and highly renowned political activist who played a key role in the Rose Revolution. His wife, Anna Dolidze, is a human rights lawyer and the former chair of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association. Both were forced to flee to the U.S. in 2006 to escape repeated harassment, imprisonment and beatings.

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