Zurabishvili: Protest’s “third wave” to bring region protesters to Tbilisi

TBILISI, Georgia – Next week, Georgian opposition leaders will launch what they hope will be a third wave of mass protest meetings by filling Tbilisi streets with people from the regions.

Probably worried about the steadily decreasing number of protesters in the city streets — Thursday’s count was less than 100, down from 55,000 the week before — one of the opposition leaders, head of the Way of Georgia party, Salome Zurabishvili, said Tuesday opposition leaders will visit regions of Georgia to bring more people to the capital. The date will be set after the Easter Holiday, which Georgians celebrate this Sunday as part of the Orthodox tradition.

“We are not going to take any break. That’s very important holiday but also holiday during which individual strength of people is tested,” said Zuribashvili. “We are going to stay here during these four holiday days, that start on Friday and continues until Monday.”

Protesters will continue to meet daily at 3 p.m. at one of several protest sites located around the city.

” We are going to meet here at three o’clock like the other days. We have near here a church which we will all go in, people all will come with candles,” said the opposition leader, of the movement demanding the resignation of President Mikheil Saakashvili.

“But we will refrain harsh political statements. Nobody needs those statements any more. Everybody knows why they have come here, why they will stay here. So we are going to start silent actions.”

By Zaka Guluyev/GIPA Student


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