About Us

This news blog was started by students of the Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs in Tbilisi, Georgia, to report on the Caucasus region — Armenia, Georgia and Azeirbaijan. We are committed to offering fact-based, balanced, objective coverage of major events in the region, and are not affiliated with any political party. 

We also work with professional reporters and other organizations dedicated to covering  news about the Caucasus region professionally, including the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and the IREX Core Media Support Program in Armenia, among others.

Everything that you read on Caucasus Reports has been reviewed by professional international and local editors for content. We will sometimes refer our readers to bloggers and other development organizations working in the Caucasus when it’s relevant to events we are covering.  If a personal opinion is being stated, we will label it commentary, and warn readers that the content doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of Caucasus Reports editors.

If you’ve got questions for us, please direct them to the current Caucasus Reports editor, Leah Kohlenberg, at leahkohlenberg@yahoo.com.


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