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Ethnic Armenians talk about their expectations

Tamara Hakobyan and Anna Karamyan talked with the ethnic Armenians living in the border village of Georgia, Shahumian, about their expectations from the local government elections on May 30.

Read more on Tamar Hakobyan’s blog and check out photos from the village precinct.


Georgia – Local Government Elections

Georgia’s local governmet elections on May 30, 2010, which attracted huge interest of both, international and national observers, also resonated in the social media. Besides regular updates on Central Election Commission website, several websites have been collecting and updating information about the violations during the election day. Students from Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, studying at the Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management, who covered elections for GIPA radio, also reported on their blogs.

Sopho Datishvili’s writes about high turnout of ¬†young voters, while Ina Charkviani talks about low interest of citizens in voting.